Oni Usagi Patches

Hello and welcome!

For our second time at Five Points Festival we had our Oni Usagi patches up for pre-order! The design is completely our own and we were nervous on how well people would like it.

Oni Usagi Design

Oni Usagi translates to demon rabbit. Oni are usually depicted in Chinese and Japanese folklore as hideous creatures with horns, claws and crazy hair. We wanted something that goes with our “cute-creepy” style and came up with the patches you see below. Why cute-creepy? That’s kind of how we are. Look “normal” (whatever that even means) but we have a liking to horrors and spooks so we wanted what we design to have elements of something that relates to us.

Oni Usagi Pins

And to answer: the patches did really well and we shipped out so many pre-orders! Thank you so much to those that loved our Oni Usagi, we appreciate you! We also made the designs into enamel pins too and they’re going for $8 on our website.

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