First Art Show!

It took a while to get the website and blog set up so sorry if this post is very much delayed. Let’s take a look back at what we did in 2018 and how we got to where we are. In April 2018, I participated in my first Martian Toys art show at Mothership Gallery! The show was called Who Cares Bears where I customized a Julie West Care Bear to whatever kind of design I wanted.


THE PRESSURE WAS ON! It was my first show ever somewhere outside of NY and by Martian Toys! I was so scared that I wasn’t going to be up to par with all the other artists. There were so many great painters and sculptors on the line up that I was definitely intimidated. But once I got a idea and started working I remembered this isn’t a competition, I was given a opportunity to finally show something of myself! And out comes…Bedtime Bear, the devourer of children’s hopes, dreams, and toys.

Bedtime BearThe painted eyes and pink “blood” on the cut up Barbie glowed under black light, those pesky missing lego pieces succumbed to the Bedtime Bear along with some lost marbles. That poor little bunny you liked? Ripped in half! That is my Bedtime Bear.

I went back on forth on the colors and probably repainted areas over and over again because I wasn’t happy with it. In the end, I finally put down the brushes and shipped it out.

Dru and I did a quick weekend trip to Philly to attend the opening night of the Who Cares Bear show. We got to meet the team behind Martian Toys and Mothership Gallery, participating artists and made some new friends! It was such a great weekend for us to meet and learn so much out of our comfort zones.


I had said before, if I don’t find customizing toys fun anymore, I would stop. Art supplies is REALLY expensive and sometimes, or most times, people don’t get it and say pieces of my work are “overpriced.” Pricing is always hard for me but thankfully Dru is helping with all that and sees both through the eyes of how hard I’m working and through the eyes of a collector. After participating and meeting all these artists I had followed through Instagram, it just fueled us to continue pushing out new designs to keep our creative juices going!


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