My Milkshake Brings all the Toys to the Yard!

Summer in August 2018, what better way to spend it than staying indoors where the AC is blowing and I’m not outside in the sweltering heat. Participated in our third MartianToys show of the year and super duper grateful for all the opportunities that Aaron and the team gave us throughout the year.

Custom Made Eyeballs for Witches BrewFor the My Milkshake Brings all the Toys to the Yard show, we decided to go with my love of witchy vibes and brought out “The Brew-ja” (someone needs to stop me with puns, it’s not healthy). I hand sculpted some eye balls with veins and threw in a few black spiders. Dru got the resin all set up and dyed it with two different colors so we can have a color transition in the milkshake glass. As he poured, I plopped those eyeballs right in along with the spiders. They were carefully places in certain spots and left for it to cure. Sculpted a melty ice cream skull and last but not least, you need a silly straw to complete the look!

“The Brew-ja” was complete! We weren’t sure how people would like our witchy vibe seeing that we were uhh…two to three months too early for Halloween but we cant deny who we are and what inspires us!

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