Steal Your Heart Show

Catching up with all the blog post (now that I know how to do them), sorry for the spam of late stories (Happy New Year!?)…

Not only were we able to booth at Five Points Festival again, but we were able to participate in another Martian Toys group show held at Five Points called Steal Your Heart, a custom dorobanii show:

targetpracticeDuring our Philly trip in April 2018, we were asked to participate in the show and simply put it, “the platform is a bunny, you have to!” and so we did. We were in a Doki Doki Literature Club phase and it definitely got itself into the design.

When you take ‘love is pain’ and ‘stupid Cupid’ literally, you get this from us. “Target Practice” was revealed for the Steal Your Heart, a custom dorobanii show (playform by Javier Jimenez). Sculpted bandages, the jacket details and stuck a pole through her (ouch!). The outfit was inspired by the school uniform from the girls of Doki Doki Literature Club. The places where we find inspirations from…and fits our cute-creepiness!

This was my favorite custom I’ve done so far that was not a dunny and I wish to get myself some more and work on them. It was so much fun! It was sold to a couple (I literally missed them by a few seconds when I went to visit the MartianToys booth) and I wish I can bump into them one day and tell them that they’re awesome.


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