Weeping Wendy & Bunnington

Last November (2018) we participated in our first Designer Con! Designer Con is an annual art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys and designer goods with urban, underground and pop art in Los Angeles. We had the best boothmates, Kono’s The Harshmallows and Eddie in the 46495439_10100357830018388_7910938500596236288_nCity. Designer Con was a last minute decision and we couldn’t go with only customization. We pushed out two NEW toys of our own design, Weeping Wendy and Bunnington.

Weeping Wendy, the Nightmare Girl.


Wendy was wearing her favorite eye mask to block out all the distractions so she can go to sleep, a routine she does every night. This night was different. She dreamt that she was being chased by this shadow down the stairs of her house. Her parents and little brother was no where to be found to help her. The shadow approached her and pinned her to the living room floor. Knife in hand, he plunged and gauge out her eyes. She woke up with a start, gasping and crying. When she removed her eye mask to wipe away the tears, she realized she couldn’t see…and the tears were too thick to be tears…



The lost and forgotten teddy bunny-dog chimera in the toy box. A Frankenstein mix of some sort.


Both can be purchased at our Bunny Mischief Shop

Happy shopping!

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