Bunny Mischief ventured out to Bangkok, Thailand!

56711176_366224970644321_4841870353955291136_nHello! We’re back from Bangkok and trying to get our bodies used to the time zone again @.@ it’s brutal.

We did some sight seeing, A LOT of eating and made new acquaintances with other toy artists. We did a Ayutthaya day tour which consisted of visiting Wat Yai Chaimongkon where a outdoor reclining Buddha resides (different from Wat Lokayasutharam). Took the chance to do a quick little photo opt for our custom Sagat munny here! Made this custom munny in about 3 days prior to the flight. Personally think it took so quick because this guy is bald and no hair sculpt was needed 🤣

We’re now at a time where DMs are kinda noC360_2019-03-27-00-23-05-485rmal (not like slide in DMs with an inappropriate pic type of way). Only say this because we met up with some fellow toy designers that we followed on Instagram in person because we asked them if they were free. Met the amazing CryBaby Molly and Rinko for a drink over at the overly popular tourist area, Khao San Road. Rinko had a show coming up a few days after our meetup and invited us to come out. It was such a fun and colorful show! We got to meet Bakumbaa , Ngaew Ngaew, and earth_meekrut and did some art trades. So happy to meet such nice, sweet and talented individuals! It was nice to see what the toy scene is like in another country, gives you a different perspective in how different the market is. Hopefully the next time we travel to Thailand will be for the Thailand Toy Expo!


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