“What’s With All The Rabbits?!” Show

Went to the opening of MartianToys/Mothership’s “Whats With All The Rabbits” show last Saturday and it was so fun meeting and catching up with fellow artists and the fellas behind MartianToys/Mothership. Congrats to those that got some amazing pieces and Quicc’s exclusives!58382885_2315582088682462_5460342616627347456_nI joined in the group show a little late and was able to finish up a custom piece in a week. I aimed for a literal Easter piece with cracked colorful dyed eyes, peep bunnies and chocolate candy. Dru named it “Just Desserts,” meaning “you get what you deserved.” I wanted it to be a story of kids having enough of this hide and seek of finding eggs the Easter bunny kept hiding around.

We left the gallery with good things to come! We will be collaborating with Red Guardian in a custom work and I somehow talked my way into joining the group show that will be held at Thailand Toy Expo! Question was… “you have 3-5 days, can you do it?” (Thanks Aaron for letting me join in!!!) Update on that soon to come!

“Just Desserts” is available for purchase on Martiantoys.com


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