Second Contact Show – Thailand Toy Expo

Somehow talked our way into joining a show held by Martian Toys at the Thailand Toy Expo called “Second Contact” using the cute character by Bakumbaa (who we met during our Bangkok trip). Had about 3 days to create a custom for the show and was able to knock out a one off we’re proud of (drank down two cans of Monster energy drink to keep going).

Meet “Coral and Merbunny,” our little under the sea dweller and friends. Sculpted seaweed, grass, fish, starfish and shell/pearl for this one off. Funny fact: The pearl that’s on Coral’s back is actually the tail of the original character (lol).

Thailand Toy Expo was held from May 2nd – 5th, we hoped everyone that attended and participated had fun and we can’t wait to hear the stories!

Joyce & Dru

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