Five Points Festival 2019

What a whirlwind of a weekend! Sorry it took us so long to make a new blog post. We’ve been busy preparing for Five Points Festival and then when it was over, needed some recovery time. Our trio was able to debut two new original pieces, Onigiri Boi and Squip.

Squip is Brian’s baby, he made a comic of him and it went from there. Squip is the little brother/puppy type of a devil. He’s shy and new to the world of soul reaping. Isn’t he cute?!

Onigiri Boi started out as a doodling and ironically enough, it was at the same moment that I (Joyce) was eating a onigiri. With the help of the3dhero who 3d sculpted both designs that we sketched, Dru casted all the toys in resin and I painted it. There’s a satisfying feeling when you see what you imagine “come to life” so to speak.

I had the honor of joining in the Artist Series for ZazaToybox during Five Points as well. It gave me the chance to meet cool new people and artists at their booth that I’ve followed on IG for a while. I like to continue this naive outlook of how nice the community is, I hope no one bursts my bubble to tell me inner drama. As of right now, I like painting and making fun things.

This year’s Five Points was the first time Brian joined us in vendoring since he joined our team in January! Also his first Five Points/toy related convention! Give him a (virtual) hand on a job well done!

Can’t think of more to add right now as we’re still in recovery and work mode. Please stay tune to more creative toys and projects that we will be revealing!

Thanks for reading!

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