Clutter x Czee13: Rattle & Bones Show

I am…a month late. SO SO SORRY! It’s been a whirlwind of a June and July, which shouldn’t be a excuse because it really is time management. But sometimes…I’m just tired.

After a super fun Five Points Festival weekend, Dru and I went up to Clutter Gallery in Beacon, for a group show using Czee13 Canbot and Clutter Bones platform.

The canbot was such a fun platform to paint on. I wanted to play on the spray paint can platform and have a color, platinum. The symbols I sculpted on the feet represents platinum and silver. This custom came with a faux rabbit’s foot for some extra witchy-ness.  It took a while for me to develop what my “style” is. Symbology and alchemy has always been an interest of mine so it was only fitting for me to incorporate it into the cute creepy aesthetic.

It was our first time at Clutter Gallery and everyone was so welcoming! Chit chat with a few artists and collectors. Thank you to those that took such interest in Alchemy and shared it via social media platforms! Good news: Alchemy was sold prior to the opening of the show!!

– Joyce


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