Clutter x Czee13: Rattle & Bones Show

I am…a month late. SO SO SORRY! It’s been a whirlwind of a June and July, which shouldn’t be a excuse because it really is time management. But sometimes…I’m just tired.

After a super fun Five Points Festival weekend, Dru and I went up to Clutter Gallery in Beacon, for a group show using Czee13 Canbot and Clutter Bones platform.

The canbot was such a fun platform to paint on. I wanted to play on the spray paint can platform and have a color, platinum. The symbols I sculpted on the feet represents platinum and silver. This custom came with a faux rabbit’s foot for some extra witchy-ness.  It took a while for me to develop what my “style” is. Symbology and alchemy has always been an interest of mine so it was only fitting for me to incorporate it into the cute creepy aesthetic.

It was our first time at Clutter Gallery and everyone was so welcoming! Chit chat with a few artists and collectors. Thank you to those that took such interest in Alchemy and shared it via social media platforms! Good news: Alchemy was sold prior to the opening of the show!!

– Joyce


Five Points Festival 2019

What a whirlwind of a weekend! Sorry it took us so long to make a new blog post. We’ve been busy preparing for Five Points Festival and then when it was over, needed some recovery time. Our trio was able to debut two new original pieces, Onigiri Boi and Squip.

Squip is Brian’s baby, he made a comic of him and it went from there. Squip is the little brother/puppy type of a devil. He’s shy and new to the world of soul reaping. Isn’t he cute?!

Onigiri Boi started out as a doodling and ironically enough, it was at the same moment that I (Joyce) was eating a onigiri. With the help of the3dhero who 3d sculpted both designs that we sketched, Dru casted all the toys in resin and I painted it. There’s a satisfying feeling when you see what you imagine “come to life” so to speak.

I had the honor of joining in the Artist Series for ZazaToybox during Five Points as well. It gave me the chance to meet cool new people and artists at their booth that I’ve followed on IG for a while. I like to continue this naive outlook of how nice the community is, I hope no one bursts my bubble to tell me inner drama. As of right now, I like painting and making fun things.

This year’s Five Points was the first time Brian joined us in vendoring since he joined our team in January! Also his first Five Points/toy related convention! Give him a (virtual) hand on a job well done!

Can’t think of more to add right now as we’re still in recovery and work mode. Please stay tune to more creative toys and projects that we will be revealing!

Thanks for reading!

Second Contact Show – Thailand Toy Expo

Somehow talked our way into joining a show held by Martian Toys at the Thailand Toy Expo called “Second Contact” using the cute character by Bakumbaa (who we met during our Bangkok trip). Had about 3 days to create a custom for the show and was able to knock out a one off we’re proud of (drank down two cans of Monster energy drink to keep going).

Meet “Coral and Merbunny,” our little under the sea dweller and friends. Sculpted seaweed, grass, fish, starfish and shell/pearl for this one off. Funny fact: The pearl that’s on Coral’s back is actually the tail of the original character (lol).

Thailand Toy Expo was held from May 2nd – 5th, we hoped everyone that attended and participated had fun and we can’t wait to hear the stories!

Joyce & Dru

“What’s With All The Rabbits?!” Show

Went to the opening of MartianToys/Mothership’s “Whats With All The Rabbits” show last Saturday and it was so fun meeting and catching up with fellow artists and the fellas behind MartianToys/Mothership. Congrats to those that got some amazing pieces and Quicc’s exclusives!58382885_2315582088682462_5460342616627347456_nI joined in the group show a little late and was able to finish up a custom piece in a week. I aimed for a literal Easter piece with cracked colorful dyed eyes, peep bunnies and chocolate candy. Dru named it “Just Desserts,” meaning “you get what you deserved.” I wanted it to be a story of kids having enough of this hide and seek of finding eggs the Easter bunny kept hiding around.

We left the gallery with good things to come! We will be collaborating with Red Guardian in a custom work and I somehow talked my way into joining the group show that will be held at Thailand Toy Expo! Question was… “you have 3-5 days, can you do it?” (Thanks Aaron for letting me join in!!!) Update on that soon to come!

“Just Desserts” is available for purchase on


Teaching Arts at Day Job

My supervisor at my day job (I’m an assistant site director for an after school program) asked me to create art activities that can be STEM related for the 4th and 5th grade class we have in our program. Last week I introduced the students to Glow in the Dark Chalk 57368739_672732713169976_8826717809770758144_nwhich consisted of mixing water, plaster, glow in the dark paint, and color dye. The moans and groans of “this is boring” filled my ears. It was a bit of a trial and error as some of the mixture was too watery from some over enthusiastic 9 and 10 year olds.

We examined the chalk we made last week and to my surprise, these same kids that whined “it’s so boring,” became very cooperative investigating where our mixture went wrong last week. These kids shown me teamwork (I told the students that each of them need to 57294124_2154316834810159_7992345259185012736_ncontribute to the steps, whether it was measuring, mixing or pouring which they did), decision making (deciding as a group which colors we would use for this week’s chalks) and responsibilities (they cleaned up all the mess we made and moved the trays of drying plaster the office space). I was very proud of my students and it was nice to use art as a way to get these kids engaged in learning, getting messy and working together.

Not sure if I should do toy design with them but they’re really good at drawing. When I joined a few months ago, I tried to get to know them by making stickers of the drawings they made me and they were excited to see the outcome of their work. Toy or no toys, that is the question…