Bunny Mischief ventured out to Bangkok, Thailand!

56711176_366224970644321_4841870353955291136_nHello! We’re back from Bangkok and trying to get our bodies used to the time zone again @.@ it’s brutal.

We did some sight seeing, A LOT of eating and made new acquaintances with other toy artists. We did a Ayutthaya day tour which consisted of visiting Wat Yai Chaimongkon where a outdoor reclining Buddha resides (different from Wat Lokayasutharam). Took the chance to do a quick little photo opt for our custom Sagat munny here! Made this custom munny in about 3 days prior to the flight. Personally think it took so quick because this guy is bald and no hair sculpt was needed ūü§£

We’re now at a time where DMs are kinda noC360_2019-03-27-00-23-05-485rmal (not like slide in DMs with an inappropriate pic type of way). Only say this because we met up with some fellow toy designers that we followed on Instagram in person because we asked them if they were free. Met the amazing CryBaby Molly¬†and Rinko¬†for a drink over at the overly popular tourist area, Khao San Road. Rinko had a show coming up a few days after our meetup and invited us to come out. It was such a fun and colorful show! We got to meet Bakumbaa¬†, Ngaew Ngaew, and earth_meekrut¬†and did some art trades. So happy to meet such nice, sweet and talented individuals! It was nice to see what the toy scene is like in another country, gives you a different perspective in how different the market is. Hopefully the next time we travel to Thailand will be for the Thailand Toy Expo!


Oni Usagi Unisex Pocket Tee

DSCN7707We present to you, the Oni Usagi Unisex Pocket T-shirt!

After participating in a few cons and festivals, we learned that “toys” and “collectibles” aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. We wanted people who like our artwork to have options so we decided to do pins and t-shirts. We are NOT a clothing brand nor do we want to start one. It just seems like a nice option for people who like our designs and artwork to have something they may want if they don’t collect toys.

We’ll be having a few more designs printed for t-shirts by Five Points Festival and Brooklyn Comic Con (oh yea, we have booths at both! woohoo!)

Ethereal Maker’s Market

Omg everyone, for once WE’RE WRITING A POST ON TIME!¬†We’re not very good at time and social media management since a lot of factors been popping in and out of our lives. But for those that take their time and read our recaps and ramblings, THANK YOU!


Yesterday we were able to highlight a few of our toy designs, pins, stickers and canvas art at Ethereal Marker’s Market. It was a really enjoyable time seeing all the wonderful works from different Asian American creatives. Bonding with fellow booth mates Jane Chu¬†and Artistorian¬†made it even better (best believe we did a art swap)!

It was really nice to see all the different items displayed from prints, zines, paintings to clothes and talking to the creators on how the process came about and inspirations.

Thank you to those that stopped by to say hi, purchased a piece or two, or ask questions about our work! The shop will be updated soon with items from the event.

We’ve displayed our toy art at markets outside of the designer toy demographic prior to this and we still get the same looks and questions. It came to our realization (we had our thoughts before) that it’s still hard for people to grasps the concept of toy art as an art medium. We sculpt, resin cast and hand paint each individual toy. We put in a LOT of time to create them and they’re our pride and joy even if it’s not a “traditional” medium people are used to.

Maybe we should record us working on our toy artwork so people can see what we do to make them? What do you think? Let us know below!


Designer Toy World Cup


Joined in and submitted a custom Anatoy¬†for the Designer Toy World Cup! I tried not to verge away from the way the original platform looks because the moment I saw it I thought about the Operation game with it’s joints and shape. The main customization on the toy was the sculpted brain matter and added the recognizable schnozz. My “Operation Anatoy” is part of the Team USA for the qualifying rounds! Can’t wait to find out the results, so many good submissions (and a lot of crazy amazing customizations)!



Weeping Wendy & Bunnington

Last November (2018) we participated in our first Designer Con! Designer Con is an annual art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys and designer goods with urban, underground and pop art in Los Angeles. We had the best boothmates, Kono’s The Harshmallows and Eddie in the¬†46495439_10100357830018388_7910938500596236288_nCity. Designer Con was a last minute decision and we couldn’t go with only customization. We pushed out two NEW toys of our own design, Weeping Wendy and Bunnington.

Weeping Wendy, the Nightmare Girl.


Wendy was wearing her favorite eye mask to block out all the distractions so she can go to sleep, a routine she does every night. This night was different. She dreamt that she was being chased by this shadow down the stairs of her house. Her parents and little brother was no where to be found to help her. The shadow approached her and pinned her to the living room floor. Knife in hand, he plunged and gauge out her eyes. She woke up with a start, gasping and crying. When she removed her eye mask to wipe away the tears, she realized she couldn’t see…and the tears were too thick to be tears…



The lost and forgotten teddy bunny-dog chimera in the toy box. A Frankenstein mix of some sort.


Both can be purchased at our Bunny Mischief Shop

Happy shopping!