Ethereal Maker’s Market

Omg everyone, for once WE’RE WRITING A POST ON TIME! We’re not very good at time and social media management since a lot of factors been popping in and out of our lives. But for those that take their time and read our recaps and ramblings, THANK YOU!


Yesterday we were able to highlight a few of our toy designs, pins, stickers and canvas art at Ethereal Marker’s Market. It was a really enjoyable time seeing all the wonderful works from different Asian American creatives. Bonding with fellow booth mates Jane Chu and Artistorian made it even better (best believe we did a art swap)!

It was really nice to see all the different items displayed from prints, zines, paintings to clothes and talking to the creators on how the process came about and inspirations.

Thank you to those that stopped by to say hi, purchased a piece or two, or ask questions about our work! The shop will be updated soon with items from the event.

We’ve displayed our toy art at markets outside of the designer toy demographic prior to this and we still get the same looks and questions. It came to our realization (we had our thoughts before) that it’s still hard for people to grasps the concept of toy art as an art medium. We sculpt, resin cast and hand paint each individual toy. We put in a LOT of time to create them and they’re our pride and joy even if it’s not a “traditional” medium people are used to.

Maybe we should record us working on our toy artwork so people can see what we do to make them? What do you think? Let us know below!


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